Sunday , April 30 2017
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behind every smile

Behind Every Smile… A Photo Story on Depression Awareness Campaign by Olabode Skill

Someone once said, the more you look, the less you see. That’s why there’s always more to everything around us.     More to that sweet smile which we always anticipate, more to that laugh which we always look forward to, more to that warm hug which we anticipate, more …

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Silent Voices. Loud Messages – A Mixed Media collections by Chamberlin Ukenedo

Chamberlin’s ability to portray the complexities of human emotions has inspired this work of art about everyday Nigerians whose conditions has forced a new way, a different medium of expressing the melancholic soul of life. Because life and art imitate each other, Silent voices reverberates their mood, spirit, expression and …

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Amazing Flurry Alphabet by Bernat Casasnovas

I stumbled on the amazing work of Bernat Casasnovas on Behance and I was super impressed. The use of different blend of flurry to created amazing Alphabet character beats my imagination. He created these pieces of epic work from A to Z.;

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7 Marketing Breakthroughs Using Video Contents by Tom Abel

  Video is, by far, the most engaging of all content. Here are 7 video content strategies to help you break through the clutter and be seen. Have you ever wondered how many marketing messages you see in a day?

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Creative Dose #15

Creative Dose is back again. A collection of amazing artwork, photography, motions graphics, commercials and other amazing works around Africa and beyond. Below are some of the amazing works we came across.

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7 Design Tips for Effective, Beautiful PowerPoint Presentations

How many times have you sat through poorly designed PowerPoint presentations that were boring, cluttered, and distracting? Probably way too many. The good news is: you don’t have to be a professional designer to make an awesome presentation. Whether you’re working in PowerPoint, Keynote, or somewhere else, here are 7 …

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5 Habits of Effective Designers From Concept to Delivery

It’s that time: one of the biggest brands you’ve ever worked with wants your designs. You’re ready to put in the extra hours and create something greater than anything you’ve ever done before. But remember, sometimes eagerness is the enemy. If you aren’t careful about every aspect of your design, …

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Photoshop Quickies #16 – How to break apart Layer Effect

This may not be a news to the ‘gurus’ in the industry but could be a handful for the ‘beginners’. When you apply Drop Shadow to a text or an object in Adobe Photoshop, you can separate the effect (Drop Shadow) from the object or text applied.

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