Tuesday , September 26 2017
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10 Tips for Staying Productive During Vacation for Freelancers

Working from home, everyday is a vacation. Wrong! It’s equally important for freelancers working from home to take a vacation. You need a break as much as if you were working full-time on a factory floor, building houses, managing the cash register at your local mini-mart or working in an office. We freelancer do have the ability to take a vacation when we feel the need for it, but guess what – often it’s an unpaid vacation time, while fleeing the workload you have waiting at home.

Recently I took a vacation for 7 days, when I got back I felt more energized, and a new sense of purpose. How did I do it? Well, throughout my years in freelancing and management work – I’ve collected a few tips and tricks I always run with while on vacation. For those of you taking a spring break vacation, I’ve written down 10 quick tips for a productive vacation for all of you to make use of. If you’re anything like me, all fun and no work = not your scene. These tips will help you stay inspired and take advantage of this down time.

1. Prepare well before leaving


Get caught up with work before leaving, and if possible work ahead. Be sure to let your client know you’ll be away, especially your big clients.

2.Check and answer emails for 30 minutes a day


If you are using a vacation auto-responder for your e-mail client, you will find it a breeze as the e-mails won’t be that many. Hopefully!

3. Carry around a notebook and a pen


Usually you get more inspiration when you’re not at home feeling the normal truckload of responsibility. Take advantage of your relaxed vacation mind and just write down what comes your way.

4. Read your favorite blogs or bring along a work related book


Shorten it down to once a day, preferably  before you go to bed. You process it better when you’re sleeping, this way you stay up to date with your interests. Try to keep it within an hour though.

5. AVOID thinking about your workload, it’s counter productive and will ruin your vacation


When starting to think about work, write it down instead. You will get a relaxed feeling, why not barbecue a steak while you are it.

6. Plan your day for unexpected things to happen


If you’re a person who plans their vacation, make sure to leave a spot open for unexpected or impulsive things. It’s more fun that way, and will bring some needed diversity into your life.

7. Take long nature walks, find a stone and sit down to embrace everything around you

Both inspirational and amazing, you discover new ways to do things

8. NEVER think – “It’s just a small thing, it’ll only take 5 minutes to do”

vacation (1)

Write it down instead and do it when you’re back home, it’s ALWAYS more than just 5 minutes.

9. Talk  with people, but don’t tell or show them what you do

If you tell people what you do, chances are that they will ask questions, Voila, you’re back in your office and on square one – which is bad. If you still tell them, make sure to let them know you’re on vacation and write down what they ask you. Do it when you’re back home instead, saves you a headache or two.

10. Avoid talking about work, clients, design, ideas, writing or anything else that’s work related

Your friends or family will think you’re boring and always think about work, I know – easier said than done. It’s a curse after all.


Bonus tip. Do things you normally wouldn’t do

Such as turning off your phone or leave your computer at home. You will get a relaxing feeling from it.


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