Tuesday , May 23 2017
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Daily Inspiration

Wallpaper of the week #7


Wallpaper of the week is up for downloads. It is a message against violence, killings and robbery. We don’t just want people to download these wallpaper for the beautification of their desktop but to also help share it so that message can be pass across every quarters.

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Matt Booth’s Six Ways to better compositions


This piece explains the rules of composition, how focusing on the unexpected can make an image interesting, how we can turn it on its head to create an unusual image and how to use more fluid shapes to give a sense of movement. This and more below:

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Why the gender gap in the design industry needs to end

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.19.00 AM

The gender divide is a reality in the design world, argues Sarah Parmenter, and explains what we need to do about it.

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Amazingly Detailed Drawings Made On Vintage Newspapers & Maps


With a simple ballpoint pen, artist Mark Powell has been able to work some impressive magic on old newspaper, maps, music scores and other paper documents.

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Creative Dose #8

Segun Samson

Amazing work from some finest artist around the world. The creative team of olabodeskills were able to select from arrays of work presented to us.

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Gavin Strange’s Top 10 Tips For Great Logo Design


Logo creation is an easy task if only you can follow the basic rules of creating it. How your sketch pad can do you good to why vector based logo are the best considering other medium at which it will be placed and how to be minimal on effects and …

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Mucho Macho Character Design by Grand Chamaco


Under the pseudonym Grand Chamaco, the Mexican illustrator offers creations of character design of the most beautiful effect. With his latest series Mucho Macho, he composed wacky and colorful characters modeled in 3D to discover in the future

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Jon Burgerman’s Top 10 Tips for Creating Great Characters


From research, to design plan, the impact the character must have on its target audience, qualities and styles and how colour play an important role in developing a great character were captured in Jon Burgerman’s tip for creating great characters. Featured image by Grand Chamaco

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