Tuesday , September 26 2017
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Four Steps Approach to Negotiating Better Fees

We all have to know how to negotiate for a better fees so that our creative effort will not go in vain. You have to have the right attitude to negotiate a better fees for your business if you to excel in the industry. We have carefully analyse the steps to follow

1. Remember that people buy people

If you’re a pleasure to work with, they’ll come back, so possibly the most important thing to get right is your relationship with your client. If there isn’t good degree of understanding and open avenues of communication between client and creative, then the rest is going to be very easy to derail.


2. Be Transparent

Once you have a rapport with your client and a mutual understanding of where the costs lie, it’s possible to build on that without additional expenses seeming to have found their way into the basket via the back door. Transparency is the key.

3. Use simple logic

When it comes to fees, levels are usually calculated on the basis of how long a job will take, the people it will need and the resources it will require. This sum should be based on simple business logic. However, it’s true to say that whatever works for both parties regarding the final price is fair.

4. Know when the job is finished

Once an amount has been fixed though, it’s crucial not only that both parties understand where the costs lie, but also that everyone is clear on what constitutes a finished job. Last-minute hidden expenses will undermine even the best negotiated fee if the cost falls on you, and may run a relationship if it falls to the client. Neither situation is pretty


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