Sunday , April 30 2017
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20 Inspiring Photos of 2013

The creative team of olabodeskills selected some of the most inspiring photos of 2013 in terms of the emotions captured, the unbelievable angles and the amazing moments of brilliance from top websites.

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Abstract Digital Art – Fearless

My new Abstract Digital Art is what I called fearless. Fear is a disease that eat up human confidence and I am using eagle to depict an abstraction of fearlessness.

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Resolve not to let your resolutions break you

Written by Caroline Paul and Wendy MacNaughton It is a new year, and we’re starting it by holding ourselves to a higher standard than the year before. Millions make oaths to either break an old habit or instill a new one, so for a little while friends and neighbors march …

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Apps of the Week #4

Apps of the week is a collection of some of the new apps on offer. This week’s own feature two distinctive apps that could change the world of video game emulation and the other helps you manage all your bank accounts from one app.

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Photoshop Quickies #10 – How to create Rain Drop with Photoshop Brush

Rain drop effect is very simple to create in Photoshop either using the ‘Add Noise’ effect and the Motion Blur idea or using the brush stroke effect directly on your images.

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Absolut Fruity – My Vodka Story

As a lover and supporter of this beautiful brand, I decided to come up with these two creatives I tagged ‘Absolut Fruity’.It is a simple idea of communicating the different flavours with the actual fruit which form the iconic bottle. Nobody is paying me for this joint, I was just …

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Seyi 'pretty boy' awosika

Creative Dose #3

Creative Dose is a collection of work across the globe featuring work from designers, painters and photographers selected by the users and creative team of olabodeskills. Your work can featured also by simply sending it to or

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Sites of the Week #7

This is our first post for year 2014. Sites of the week is a collection of various inspiring websites around the world.

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