Tuesday , May 23 2017
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wole soyinka

Legendary Typographreak #2 starring Wole Soyinka and Bob Marley

Legendary Typography is a project focused on great minds who have made valuable contributions to the sector they find themselves. For this project, we are going to be celebrating the living and the legends. This is the first post on this matter, and we are prepared to give you more …

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Brilliant Inspiration using the components of Ecosystem

As we all know that Ecosystem is a community of living organisms called biotic in conjunction with the nonliving organism components of the environment called abiotic. The biotic consist of Plant, Animal and Microbes while the abiotic (nonliving components) consist of water, air and mineral soil. They are linked together through nutrient cycles and energy flow.

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liber io

Sites of the Week #1

Site of the week is a compilation of some of the world’s amazing site selected by our creative team all around the globe. It was part of our effort to showcase website that can inspire our teeming fans. From MetaLab to PresentPlus and so on, this week’s collection is so …

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29 ways

29 Ways to stay creative

Staying creative is a very good step of staying relevant in the industry. With the new age of Digital Technology, art has taken a new form, and one need to reload, recharge and re-configure his/her creative batteries in this ever dynamic and expanding world in order to meet up with …

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Photoshop Quickies #2 – How to use Stroke in Adobe Photoshop

Stroke is one of the most popular layer style in Adobe Photoshop. Layer Style are effects added to layers in Photoshop. If you have had enough experience using layer styles, you can achieve different types of effect using these different types of layers.

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Abinibi Creative Academy slashes Course Fee by 50%

Abinibi Creative Academy is one of Nigeria’s most sought after creative academies. This academy has produced some of the industry’s finest in Art and Design, Motion Graphics, Web Development and Multimedia.

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Typographreak #1

Typographreak on olabodeskills.com is our own nickname for typography, a collection of various inspiring projects from our typography collections. We intend to showcase out dexterity using types to create a meaningful art. We tweak font in a way that it would make a communication sense. Check out the list of …

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Photoshop Quickies #1 – How to Use the Paint Bucket

Welcome to the first edition of our Photoshop Quickies. We are going to be sharing with you some quick tips in Adobe Photoshop. As we all know, Adobe Photoshop is arguably the best photo-editing and photo manipulation software as of today. With its various tools, one can achieve the unthinkable …

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