Sunday , September 24 2017
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Photography Occupation…10 years from now – Inene Martins

*Ten years from now, the photography occupation would be crowded.

*Ten  years from now, wedding and portrait photography would be overly crowded.

*Ten years from now, everyone is so vast in photography, you’d think one was born with it.

*Ten years from now, there’s a photographer in each and every family of a Nigerian.

*Ten years from now, photography becomes a full time and stand alone University course in Nigeria.




This is basically for photographers in Nigeria and maybe other parts of Africa.

“I have a dream, I believe in the dream and I will see the dream”.

I have realised in my journey across the field of photography, there’s so much to learn. There’s so much knowledge in the field that is beyond  putting a lens into the camera and clicking the shutter button. I’ve realised that people no longer care to know more. People believe that once you can know about shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balancing, composition and maybe how to get client that would pay more money and that is all. The talent in photography supersedes all that and that brings the question of how relevant you would be, ten years from now? You would know all this but if you can’t think about what you would have achieved ten years from now, then you would have be left behind with the memories of what you used to be and do.


I have noticed that photography in Nigeria is carved towards Weddings (this is the biggest market), Portraits and a little bit of advertising and documentary.

There are at least ten fields of photography that have not been tapped at all in Nigeria. Namely:

1) Construction and Industrial


2) Real Estate and Architecture


3) Aerial Photography

4) Product Photography


5) Stock Photography

6) Wild Life Photography


7) Corporate Photography

8) Under Water Photography

9) Pet Photography


10) Micro/Macro Photography, and many more.


“Everyone can’t be a photographer, but everyone can work for or with a photographer”.

And that brings me to the next big thing:


The other side of photography

Some people might not be creatively equip with the mind of a true Photographer but your interest can lie along the same field as a photographer. We can’t and shouldn’t overlook this part because it’s as important as the photography occupation. The following fields are yet to be tapped, namely:

1) Photography equipment repair services: Many a times many of my friends in the field would call to ask about where to fix their equipment and I can’t help because I either don’t know or the people I know aren’t good enough. And this brings the need for people to take it up on themselves to learn the mechanism of this equipment and that shouldn’t be the job of the Photographer.



2) Photography equipments invention:

No single country or individual has the monopoly of inventing and modifying Photography equipment. If the United States can, we can. If the Chinese and Japanese can, we can. If the English and the Russians can, we definitely can. It is left for the able and willing ones to tap into​ this field.



3) Photo Editing services​:

This days, working fast and working good should be the attribute of a professional photographer. If you deliver faster, you’d make your clients happy and they in turn would refer you to others and that is how money is generated. The need for more photo editors​ as the photography field grows is very important.



4) Photography Lawyers:

A lot of people would think this part is not important but I tell you that this field is as important as the other. Every Photographer should be protected no matter the cost and we Photographers should feel safe in our occupation. There’s been cases of photographers being cheated, whose works were stolen and Photographers who shot themselves in the leg as a result of their ignorance. We need people to fight for the rights of photographers and this is important.




5) Photography writers:

“I take good Photographs but I can’t write”.

And that is the issue of so many Photographers. Many of us have this ideas in our heads but we don’t know how to put it into writing. We want a lot of writers to focus their talents towards the photography occupation. “Photography was originally invented so that we don’t have to express ourselves in written words”, however, we still have people who still need to hear the story of the picture. So, I’d advice that more Nigerian writers should go tap into this field.



6) Standard Photography schools and Teachers:

This field is very vacant in Nigeria and we need people to move in.


I believe there are more, but these are the few I can pick.

With these fields lying fallow and untouched, it is important that nobody complains about the unavailability of jobs. We should strive to create jobs and I have done my best to identify some areas that need be looked into.

Ten years from now, people would still fail to realise that the time to start was today.

Ten years from now, some won’t still learn to start all over after they’d​ realised​ they failed before.


In conclusion:

We as persons of this great country should put less effort on what the government has to do for us rather, to put more effort into what we can achieve on our own for ourselves.


About the Author

Inene Martins is the voice and shutterbug behind Inene Martins Photography and the founder of Nigeria’s Premier Online Photo Editing Company He has worked on contract with NNPC, Enikkom Construction Limited, ZAHKEM, LINKSO NIG LTD, RCCG amongst others. He has covered over 50 weddings and done over a hundred portraits. He is a self-acclaimed graphics designer, web designer and photo editor. He is a lover of God, photography, books, music, and all things Art. He is a self thought scholar, hence a diplomat, and hopes to change the world through his photographic expressions and views.

He can be contacted via Instagram- @inene_martins and @expo_patchers Twitter- @inenemartins and @expopatchers Facebook- Inene Martins photography and Exposure Patchers

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