Sunday , April 23 2017
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Screenshot (118)

Photoshop Quickies #10 – How to create Rain Drop with Photoshop Brush

Rain drop effect is very simple to create in Photoshop either using the ‘Add Noise’ effect and the Motion Blur idea or using the brush stroke effect directly on your images.

Today, we are going to be using a Brush effect we got courtesy of

First of all, download the brush here


Step 1:

Open a New Canvas and set it to International Paper choosing A4.

Screenshot (109)


Step 2:

We got an image courtesy Google as shown below

Screenshot (111)



Step 3:

Darken the image using the Level Dialog Box as shown below:

Screenshot (115)



Step 4:

Create a New Layer on top of the current image. You can install your brush by first Extracting the Brush file, drop it into a location. Pick your brush tool from the Toolbox. right-click on it and click the top-right of the dialog box and select LOAD BRUSH, select your brush and you are ready to go.

Screenshot (112)



Step 5:

Select Brush 1024 and strike it on the New Layer created, and voila, you have a Rain Drop.

Screenshot (118)



Step 6:

You will agree with me that the Rain Drop is too sharp, choose the Motion Blur from Filter/Blur/Motion Blur as shown below.

Screenshot (117)

And there you have your rain effect.  Your likes, comments and observations will be highly appreciated.





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