Wednesday , September 20 2017
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Photoshop Quickies #13 – Layer Shortcuts

The Layer Palette is one window menus a Photoshop users can’t do without. It is where the action happen, where you determine the position of a layer (be it below or above). This is also where effects and layer styes are applied. This invariably controls what happens on the canvas.

In this edition of Photoshop Quickies, we will be looking at the shortcuts in getting things done in the Layer Palette of Adobe Photoshop.


1. To bring an Object Forward

With several layers in the Layer Panel, you can bring one above the other by pressing CTRL+] if you are using the Window OS and CMD+] while using MAC


2. To  bring an object to the front

What this means is that if you want a layer to be above every other layers, simply press CTRL+SHIFT+] / CMD+SHIFT+] on your keyboard.


3. How to Create/Release Clipping Mask

You can actually create and release a clipping mask for a layer, check how to create a clipping mask in Photoshop by pressing CTRL+ALT+G / CMD+OPT+G


4. How to Group Layers

Layers can be grouped by selecting the layers to be grouped and pressing CTRL+G / CMD+G


5. How to set Layer Opacity

This can simply be done by clicking on a Layer and press between 1-0 on your keyboard, and it will set the opacity between 10% and 100%.


6. How to create Layer via Copy

This can be achieved with CTRL+ALT+J / CMD+OPT+J. Click on the Layer, press the command on your keyboard, a dialog box appears specifying the copy of the layer you want to duplicate, simply click OK and you will have a copy.


7. Merge Layers/Merge Visible

With the help of CTRL+E / CMD+E, two selected layers can be merged and with the help of CTRL+SHIFT+E / CMD+SHIFT+E, all visible layers in the Layer Palette will be merged.


8. How to create a New Layer

Simply press CTRL+SHIFT+N / CMD+SHIFT+N on your keyboard, a dialog box will come up specifying the new layer, click OK and you will have a New Layer.


9. How to get to the next Layer

What command ALT+] / OPT+] does is that it takes you to the next layer in order of numbering. From Layer 0 to Layer 1 and so on.


10. How to get to a previous Layer

Command ALT+[ / OPT+[ take you to a previous one say you select the top layer, it will take you to the next and so on.


11. How to select previous layer

Previous Layer means a layer that was created before the layers selected. Now if you want to select the previous layer, simply press ALT+SHIFT+[ / OPT+SHIFT+[ on your keyboard and both will be selected.


12. How to select the next layer

This work in line with the order of arrangement. When you press ALT+SHIFT+[ / OPT+SHIFT+[ say for example, you are on layer 2, when you press this command it select Layer 3


13. How to send a Layer backward

You can send a layer backward with CTRL+[ / CMD+[


14. Send to back

What this means is to send a layer to the bottom of the layers’ list. Simply press CTRL+SHIFT+[ / CMD+SHIFT+[


15. How Stamp a layer on another

What this means is that you can select a layer and stamp it on the next layer without affecting the layer selected. What this does is that it copy the selected layer and stamp it on the next layer. It can simply be done with CTRL+ALT+E / CMD+ALT+E


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