Tuesday , September 26 2017
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Photoshop Quickies #7: How to create a low battery icon in Photoshop

Today’s tutorial is centered on how to create a low battery icon in Photoshop. I got a flat battery one day, and when I plugged my phone to a power source, I was fascinated by the icon I saw on my smartphone, and immediately decided to create the icon in Photoshop.

Step 1: Open a New Canvas and paint it black.

Screenshot (38)

Step 2: Pick the Rounded Rectangular Tool (U) and draw a rectangle, set the Fill to 85% gray and the stroke to 30% gray as seen below:

Screenshot (39)

Step 3: Draw a flat rectangle with the same rounded rectangle tool, click on the gradient overlay from the bottom part of the layer tool, set the gradient as shown in the diagram below:

Screenshot (45)

Screenshot (40)

Step 4: Duplicate the same flat rectangle created to the base of the bigger rectangle. Then clip the flat ones into the bigger rectangle as shown below:

Screenshot (41)


 Step 5: Create the battery head by drawing with the same tool and also change the gradient feel

Screenshot (42)

Screenshot (43)

Screenshot (44)

Step 6: Next is to create the internal background feel that will make it have that battery feel, the way it appears when you are charging a phone after it has gone down. Create another box inside, below we highlighted it with red so that you can see the position it should be. After that, Change the gradient feel and also create another layer underneath the new layer and apply red. reason being that you are going to create a shape showing the status of the battery. And for you to show it is low, it has to be in colour red. See example below:

Screenshot (53)

Screenshot (46)

Screenshot (47)

Screenshot (49)


Step 7: Finally, reduce the opacity of the status of the battery (the red portion at the bottom) as seen below:

Screenshot (57)

I am very sure this tutorial is well spell out for your understanding. Kindly drop your comment and observation.


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